more human than human
2002-05-06 22:50:51 (UTC)

Re: You Don't Know Me

Apparently some of you need a break down of my Poem.

The first few lines, about people reading what I don't want
them to see, and not seeing what I want them to know. This
is primarily in reference to the fact that my
bitchiness/bitterness is usually a cover, ie my anger
towards kevin masking the fact that I would go back to him,
despite everything, although I know I would simply end up
hurt again. The lines about my "drinking buddy" as guessed
were too Brandon, and this was my telling him that I would
like him to know that about my thoughts of Kevin, if he
doesn't already. The lines saying that I'm sorry to those
i've hurt, and that I'm simply too hurt and afraid were
supposed to be the most obvious, but seem to instead be the
LEAST understood. This was to apologise and explain recent
actions to someone close to me, and he should know who he
is. That's why I told him to read it again. I don't often
make public apologies, I hate showing these kinds of
weaknesses. But I have, and there you are. Now re-read the

The universe is out of order. Please find your way to your
nearest exit, your respective gods or goddesses will direct
you from there. If you're atheist, you don't believe me
anyway. Thankyou for your cooperation, and have a nice