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2002-05-06 22:40:49 (UTC)

Joining up with the RedSuns

Well, after two and a half years of loving and driving my
Prelude, I have decided to move onto a new project. I do
not know what made this thought enter my brain...
possibly all of the Initial-D that I have been watching. My
new toy shall be an FC3S, or for those of you who are
not down with the japanese chassis codes, that is a
2nd Generation Mazda RX7. It is so much easier to talk
using chassis codes sometimes, my friend Matt and I
hardly ever mention the actual car names any more.

This passion for the FC seems extremely weird to most
peopl because it isnt the most attractive car in the
world, and that fact that the one I want is from 1987 also
makes people do a double take. My parents are some
of these people. They dont understand why I would
want to sell my perfectly good Honda Prelude, for a
1987 FC. But this car is just everything I have ever
wanted in an automobile.

When I started driving I was only into drag racing, but I
have learned that straight line performance gets pretty
boring after two years. After driving in Mullholand time
after time I have yearned for a car that can handle
properly, not the damned understeer that I am cursed
with in my Prelude. The FC is perfect. It is a Rear wheel
drive, turbocharged and intercooled Rotary engine. It
has a limited slip differential, and 4 pot brake calipers
in the front. This is the perfect mountain car.

Damn... I really hope I get this car.