my adventures
2001-06-04 18:43:08 (UTC)

poetry of boredom

its actually pretty amazing the things my mind starts
cooking up after hours and hours of being bored out of my
mind. i can look at anything and find its rythym. read
anything and make it into a poem or a song. i forget
sometimes how much i love to write, and i always want to do
it but then succumb to the pressures of the tv and beer and
whatever else. i am going to move to italy, in the fall and
i am just now trying to figure out all the details, well i
guess its technically almost winter when i leave. i think
i'm going to live there for a year and hopefully longer if i
can. my roommate is moving with me. i think we're going to
get an apartment together there too. i'm pretty excited. i
have a piece of popcorn stuck in my teeth. ouch.