the ups and downs of my life
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2002-05-06 22:27:42 (UTC)


well there was this phone call last night i did nt answer
the pnone and they didnt leave a messge and my mom scard
me by saying it was weird so i ended up sleeping in my
mommys room. i know it sounds dorky but i totally scared
my self out and couldnt go to sleep. i am just a chicken.
i kept thinking someone was in the khouse and its a spooky

well poetry isd over since the poetrys guy wont be here
anymore. i think i learned alot in only 2 weeks. now i
know a little bout poetry.

another thing that is a problem is that my friend tracy is
an idiot. she is such a hipocrite. she doesnt even letr me
talk or act eve like she hears me when i tell her stuff
but then she wants me to hear her when she tell me stuff.
i mean i am sure she cares as much about me driving as i
care about her sister who is a brat winning a game. so if
she doesnt want to hear about me driving than dont tell me
about her sisters stupid soft ball game. it just reallly
buggs me.

well...........i guess that is it.

buh bye.