a dusty book in a forgotten hole
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2002-05-06 22:25:49 (UTC)

a week end which was wonderfull till i got home..

well lets see.. this apst weekend was not so bad..on
friday..i went to parkers at 3 and was there till 5
then was at pauls from 5- 11
then came home
saterday.. mom was not home till 3 in the afternoon.. so i
cleaned the kitchen and my room adn did the dishes.. tha
all took a few hours....
then i went up to parkers at about 3:30 and was there till
7 (it was quite funny he likes kitten a whole bunch and
spent most of the time talking to ehr.. tehhehee)
then was at pauls from 7-8:30...
then went to Ryans till about 9 but they were all gogin to
get high so me and parker left and appered at sparkys..
yeah... then at about 10 i cam home.. and parker stayed a
while.. yeha...
the sunday.. i went to church at 8:30 with aaron (i love
the boy a whole bunch)adn hten afterwards we got donuts and
aaron got me a yoohoo ::smiles::
we ended up back at his house around.. 12 and i helped with
yard work till about 4:30. .aarons father got dinner.. we
ate and then he and his father went to see spiderman.. hehee
that is where i prefer to end me weekend becuase the rest
of it jstu goes down hill from there...
got home for the first tiem ..(except to sleep) and had to
mow the lawn with taht stupid mower.. grr.. then came in to
do me homework.. which i did not do till abotu
9...yeah...but befor taht i had asked about gogin to
therapy. .adn my mother has deiced that i cannot ...i based
a whole bunch on being able to go to that. adn spent last
night in pieces cry and a wrestless sleep hat did me no
good.. i dont want my moter to be this way and i dont
understand... yeah well life as we know it. damn it .. i
really ahd wanted to go.. i criedi lsot it.. grr.. why does
it have to be this way.. i really wish to go.. i really had
wanted to .. and the sick irony of it all. the money i was
gogin to use to pay for it. is gogin towards her mother day
rpesesnt.. grrrr