A Storm Brewing In The Sunshine
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2002-05-06 22:20:19 (UTC)

....i'll never be a dancer......

Well, today was much better that the weekend. I got kicked
out of Social Studies first thing in the morning, which
was incredibly stupid. My teacher thought I was talking so he told
me to move and I said no. Mr. B has a
really bad temper, so he sent me to the office
for 'mouthing off'. Umm, is it just me, or does anyone
else think that mouthing off requires a few more words
than 'no'? Anyway, I went and talked to the principal, Mr.
S. which was less than fun. See, I've had more than a
few,uh, chats with Mr S, and I'm not exactly on his good
side. He gave me garbage duty, but even that was better
than sitting in socials. It only took me about ten minutes
anyway. I just cleaned my locker for the rest of the
block. lol. I have never cleaned my locker. Ewwww, I
thought it smelled funny, but when I actually saw the mold
I just about puked. Yep, thats right. Mold. I haven't
eaten my lunch for six months. I guess I just forgot to
throw a few of them away :) lol. Anyhoo... I had to get a
late slip for math which means I have garbage duty
tomorrow. Blah. I hate math. I'm failing it, But thats not
so unusual-I've failed every class this semester. Oh well,
what can ya do? Most of my friends agree that my mom has
completly given up on me, since I'm not even grounded for
the whole weed thing. lol, I hope she has. Think of the
freedom!! hmmm....OH YEAH!!!! The new goldfinger CD comes
out tomorrow. Erg, I don't want to wait that long. Blah.
I've only heard two of the songs so far but theyre both so
good! *sings* 'what happend to integrity? I dont see it on
mtv. all I see is choreography, and I'll never be a
dancer' oh, what a brilliant song! Anyhoo, that's all for
now people. And, please, if your in canada, go by the new
goldfinger cd tomorrow. i promise you'll like it. haha, if
your american you have to wait untill the 20 somethingth.

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