Diary Of A Sinner- Book 1
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2002-05-06 22:17:34 (UTC)

Strange Life

Hello everyone! Ok, today wuz an intresting day. I got all
these comments like, what a nigga and stuff for wearin my
hair in tiny braids. Just for future refrence, Im not
black, but I do talk like it. Bob desided to call me
niglet. Wut eva. Joe and Trent are convinced now that I
like slipknot, just cuz of my motha fuckin hair- fo real. I
hate slip!! I like Tupac, an Luda, Petey Pab, Nappy Roots,
NAS, D12- shit like that. Not hard rock like slip n slayer.
Hip hop rules! he he he. But anyways. We went to Riverton
Saturday. It wuz an unusual trip. there were hot guys an
bad ass cars all ova tha place! Fo shizzle my nizzle! But
Will is supposed to come back soon for a court date- he
could get up to 23 years in the pen! hee hee hee. Latishas
gonna go. What a stalker bitch! I think its kinda funny.
Ill tell yall about Will in another entry, aight? ok, well,
i really wanna do somthin else- ill write more tomorrow.
Lata all- im out!