2002-05-06 22:16:34 (UTC)

i hate bein sterotyped by..

i hate bein sterotyped by people who dont even know me.
when they see me all they think is oh smart little asian
girl whos perfect and never does anything wrong. i wonder
if thats what pushed me to act the way i did. i mean i hate
it hate it hate it! they think they can just push me over
and walk all over me. like i wont care or stand up for
myself. but i do and i will. my life isnt as crapped up as
it may sound to some people. its pretty normal compared to
all the other messed up teens in the world. but its still
bad for my family . . . thats why they'll never know what i
did and what i saw . . . but life goes on. im not like that
anymore. i am changed. i am different. i am not alone. life
is beautiful.