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2001-06-04 18:23:20 (UTC)

Coffee, Coffee, or Coffee?

There is nothing wrong with a daily cup of joe. I beg to
differ with everyone who tells me that I need to reduce my
coffee intake. I don't have it EVERYDAY, maybe three times a
week and sometimes a cup or two at work. Yeah, so Starbuck's
is a weakness, I can't help that.

And I enjoy the company I keep when I'm having my coffee at
Starbuck's. I think I go more for the company than for the
drink. Hey, one can always dream. But I must say that having
good company just enhances the good coffee. It goes hand in
hand, like peanut butter and jelly.

I have found that there is no greater pleasure than spending
time with friends, family, or both. And I think that there
is nothing more rewarding of this pleasure than to have it
with a cup of hot (or iced) coffee, sitting around those
really small tables, on a pleasantly cool night in front of