Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2002-05-06 20:30:00 (UTC)


When I left for school, it never once occured to me to
think of how it would be when I came back this summer.
It's strange- I left the place I'd lived for 18 years, got
used to living in a new world... I came back home, but
only for a short time, knowing that I would go back to
school soon. Now I've been put back into the old world for
an entire summer. Things that I knew for 18 years are now
things I have to think twice about. Familiar places seem
strange. I know I'm different, but I'm not sure HOW
different, because I can't remember what I was like
before. I feel like I'm remeeting people I've known for
years. Close friends feel more like acquaintances.

I've spent 9 months being able to stay out all night,
singing all the words to the music I listen to, and never
having to tell someone where I'm going. All of a sudden, I
have a midnight curfew and I have to watch my language.
But on the other hand, I can take a shower without flip-
flops and walk around naked. I can call someone without
dialing 9 first and entering my pin number. Little things
like that are what make it really weird to adjust to.

Things around here are so different, yet they're the same.

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