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2002-05-06 20:28:19 (UTC)

Bradly Art Institute

yes my friends...Bradly Art Institute...my new goal.For
some time I've wanted to go to AIP (Art Institute of
Pittsburgh) but about a year ago they cancelled there
Fashion Design program..i was devestated,but since i didnt
know much about art skools on the east coast i figured id
fo to AIP anyway and do graphic design. well today i walk
into art class and Floyd Hopwell who is a
director.chairman/guy in charge at Bradly Art Institute in
York,PA. Well he was telling us about the skool and what he
does for a living and all the money he makes..he was a very
kewl, hip, and funny guy.well he mentioned that Bradly had
a great fashion design program..so we talked about it and i
filled out a form to get info sent to me house and next
year u can go up for two days in the summer and see what
its like.He also specialized in charactures..(is that how
you even spell it?) and he's done them for people like P
Diddy,Eddie Murphy,Courtney Love,Madonna,etc. and hes
working on design and production for the new Scoody Doo
movie. That man makes big time bones.So he did a characture
of me..its really pretty looking.
hah that was the excitement of my day...im goin out
tonight maybe to get frames and mats for my paintings and i
want to set up a portfolio for my work.hopefull mom got me
the organizers i asked for for my room...i need to clean
it really well before friday cuz Burke is coming over.Yeah
i kno..im excited about Burke comming over..Im sure the
week will go so slow.
Manda....your so self absorbed...your so naive...i wish
you would open your eyes and see what your doin to yourself.
Im missin Planet Of The Drums friday ...godammit..ive been
waiting for that all year.I wanna see Dara and Dieselboy
sooo fucking bad and its in Philly so its gonna be bad
ass...too bad im not gonna be there.

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