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2002-05-06 20:21:29 (UTC)


Goodness, I stayed up until about 3 working on my project
and then missed 1st and 2nd block to finish. I don't think
I'll be doing the last minute thing anymore. I mean, I'm
not all that tired, but I could be better. Anyway, that boy
hates me from what I heard. Ummm....I don't give a fuck!
Does he not know that only pumps me up. I think he really
got upset when I said something to him today. I forgot what
it was but it's not my fault he can't handle the heat. I
told Joe, who is his cousin, that that boy ain't everything
he claim to be. If he is the so-called man he wishes to be,
then instead of "hating" me, if what I said isn't
right....let me know. Don't bitch about it and then when we
are on the streets, ask me why I haven't been talking. What
kind of shit is that? Niggas are truly a trip. I swear!
I've noticed that they can never take back what they dealt
out in the beginning. Lets say in the beginning it was
always him not caring and walking away.....when you do it
and actually mean it.....they can't take it. So then, they
start acting like little ass children trying to play a game
w/ you. Niggas can't take the heat! I've learned that and I
have soooo many examples of it. I guess I'm seeing this
now....hopefully when I go off it won't be like this. But I
know things don't change much....no matter the distance. I
love my boys too death, but they are really a mess. I wish
they would get things together and if they have something
to say....please say it. My ears are open and I will
listen. I have my strong opinions about things, but I will
listen. It won't get ugly unless you make it that way.
Well, I would love to elaborate more, but I gotta go to

***Now question, is every nigga with dreads for the cause?
Is every nigga with golds for the fall? Naw,
So don't get caught in appearance***(Sorry I tripped about
Leroy's lil gold....he was just so handsome w?out it.)