Diary of Me...
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2002-05-06 20:06:18 (UTC)


I'm sooo tired. That stupid doll thingy pissed me off
last night and now I'm sooo tired! Well school was kinda
blah.. I had Gym.. I didnt do too bad in volleyball... it
was KINDA cool and Math was pretty cool becuz we had a
substitute and he gave us easy work that we finished early
so we talked the rest of the class. But, I was SOOO happy
to get rid of that damn baby thing. I got a 100 on it!! I
was so freakin happy! And I got a 90 on my bio quiz yay!
Lol. Ahh! You guys go to my website and sign my guestbook
too! Not many ppl go to my site :-( the address is
http://kateysweb.cjb.net Alrite, well I'll be going
nooowww Lataaaaa!!!
- Katey