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2002-05-06 19:43:56 (UTC)


I like Chris sooo much! :) :) he really is everything I
look for in a seriously...he is a Christian,
he's sweet, he's funny, he's taller than me, he;s nice,
he's cute. :) :) :) hehe I might be able to go out on a
date with him on friday...he said he wants to, he has to
see though...he was like ya and I'm gonna have to pay for
you, and I'm like no ur not, and he;s like yes I we
went on like that for like 5 that counts as a
date, doesn't it? I think it does...but that;s just me...we
are going to see Spiderman. Ok, I know this is
horrible...but tonight since Chris isn't going to campus
life, I'm gonna try and make Tim jealous...he doesn;t get
jealous that easily...but I'm still gonna try...I won;t
make it so obvious...I'll just talk abotu how great Chris
is and talk abotu the date on friday, to like everyone
around he hears that;s kinda mean, but I
think he deserves it, he's been a jerk lately...a big, ya, I just want him to think that he made a
mistake by not taking me back or something, but I don;t
want him back anymore. lol I'm such a dork...but ya, I
can;t wait for tonight...I'm gonna try to look my best for
him, so he'll be like ya, I'm an idiot lol...speaking of, I
should go start getting ready...I'll ttyl bye bye ~Rach~