Little Girl Scout

Strawberry Gashes....
2001-06-04 17:01:29 (UTC)

im so happy!its so unreal.....

Today has been so fucking [email protected] school it
was ok cuz ppl werent taking the piss to much(phew...cuz i
really wasnt in the mood...)and my cold is going:) yay!!!
and ive just been in a good mood:)but then walking home...i
was so fucking happy!!!!i met this amazing grrl whos like
me in evry way and we have so much in common and her names
Grace(which is really scary cuz i made up a poem bout a
grrl named grace last night...and i didnt even know her
then....) but she likes loads of the same stuff as me and
shes really pretty...and we swapped mobile no.s :) and i
know she was a complete stranger but she was just so great
she must have been genuine....
i may txt her later....god she was so nice....:)umm...i'll
write more later...:)
Little Girl Scout...