I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-05-06 16:49:33 (UTC)

more painting.....i refuse

Have I mentioned TJ? He's a year younger than I am. I've
known him and his whole family since the day I was born.
You know those family friends that you've had forever and
they're like your other siblings, and you got disciplined
by their parents and spoiled by their parents just like
yours did? Well, that was how it was with his family and
mine. They have 4 kids, we have 3, so anything with all of
us together was definately an event. Well, I haven't seen
them in years. After we moved to FL, it was hard to see
friends from CT. But TJ has an internship at the Golf
Channel this summer and is staying here in my sister's
room. I'm really exicted, it's gonna be mad fun. My sister
is not in her room, she's in Tally for the summer.
Anyways, back to how the paint comes in. My mother is
repainting Mariah's room (my sister is Mariah, from now on
she will be referred to as Riah or Ri cause there are
fewer letters. plus, those are her nicknames). Thank God
summer session starts tomorrow so I don't have to help
paint. I've done my share, and there is no way that I'm
gonna do it again. Ri chose this weird green and creme
color scheme. We'll see how it turns out.

Let me see....Mackenzie; it is not pathetic to be in love
with Luke. It's just life. We can't choose who we love,
and being scared comes with the territory. The first guy I
was ever in love with (and I still am. If he asked me
today to marry him, I would in a second) treated me like
shit. He really did. But there were those times....those
amazing times when it was perfect. He could tell just by
the way that I walked down the hall how my day had been.
He could look into my eyes and know exactly how I was
feeling and then put it into words and I'd realize that he
was so right....and I didn't even know how to put into
words how I was feeling. I love him. I always will. I miss
him terribly. But life is funny. There really isn't much
that you can do about love...it has to be mutual and
satisfatory. And it's just hit or miss. Unfortunately you
can't have all exactly when you want it. Time takes it's
toll and we just have to play the obnoxious waiting game.

Okay, wow, so rambling there. I really have no clue what I
am talking about. Sorry girly, but I just wanted you to
know that I understand. Oh yes, and what kind of puppy are
you getting? I am sooo jealous, I want a dog very badly.
Of course, I have to be obnoxious myself and want a Great
Dane cause I just do. Oh well. That's not gonna happen
anytime soon.

I have more job hunting to do. I'm off. Yuck. Wish me luck.


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