The Daily Babble
2002-05-06 14:48:05 (UTC)

Spiderman and Psi U Semi

Its been an exciting past few days...Last Wednesday, Adam and I
finally got together for lunch. We went to Pizza Hut and caught up
which was fun...Then on Thursday, Psi U was
having a party...unfortunately I couldn't stay out the whole time for
it because I wanted to stay out for the Semiformal the next day. So
Jeff came up after work and we met up. We
just hung out for a little while and then headed over to the house.
The place was dead while I was there cuz it was so early. I saw a
bunch of brothers and met some of the new
ones, so that was nice, and then Jeff walked me to my car at
10:20PM. I went home and just did some work while waiting for Jeff to
call. He was supposed to call me on his way
home or when he got home so I knew he was ok. Plus I wanted him to
get home early since we were going to have a long day on Friday! But
it was 1:30 AM and he still hadn't called, so I took my phone with me
to my bed and tried to sleep....I finally fall asleep and he calls at
3:30 AM!!! He ended up staying the whole time at the party because
things got pretty rowdy and he was just helping out. So that was
fine. We both went to bed after agreeing when to meet the next
morning. I told him how Nimra had called me all upset about her
relationship and that she was meeting me at B&N the next day and he
said that was fine.

So now its Friday.....I got up and ready...I got a little dressed up
and went over to Barnes and Noble. I started researching some things
for Erica's bridal shower and then Nimra showed up so we talked for a
while. She was all frazzled about her situation and I just tried to
be there and listen to her. Then Jeff showed up--earlier than I
thought he would! We sat there and ate some bagels and talked. Jeff
didn't mind that we were hanging out with Nimra, which is very cool.
I think it was nice cuz hwe got her mind off of things randomly. =-)
Then she decided she should probably head off to work so we went out
to her new car so Jeff could see it. It is--of course--a beautiful
car and Jeff fell in love with it. Nimra asked him if he wanted to
drive it around but he said he'd better not. Hehe.

So Nimra headed off to work and Jeff and I decided to do some shopping
and then we headed back to General Cinema to watch Spiderman. We went
to the 1:00 PM show. The theater was packed! And parents even took
their kids out of school so that they could see the movie! But the
movie was great! And the funny thing is that Jeff was so into it, he
like barely moved, hehe. But I loved it.

Afterwards, we went to check in to the Holiday Inn and drop our stuff
off before going to On the Border for lunch. That place is good.
=-) We did some shopping after eating also--well some shopping for me
but thats ok. And I ran into this girl Rupal from High school! That
was really weird. So we finally got back to the hotel and decided to
take a nap before the Semiformal. We only had an hour before we had
to start getting ready. Jeff passed out, but I couldn't sleep cuz we
had really noisy neighbors! So I basically just laid there and then
finally just decided to get up and shower and get ready. That was
also a dilemma cuz Cath's dress is a tad bit big on me so I had some
issues, but I took care of it, hehe. I'll spare the details. So we
got ready a little after 8 and decided to head downstairs...and get
this----the hall was empty----because the semi was schedule for 9
PM!!! So we didn't know what to do! We went over to Doc's next door
and got our courtesy drinks and then went and watched TV until a
little after 9. Then we made our entrance again, hehe. So we said hi
to people..hung out and talked...and then went to grab a seat in the
hall. Jeff and I ended up sitting with a different crowd then last
time, but thats ok. Please showed up randomly because there was no
party bus this year. Ern's friends were the DJs so that was pretty
funny also. So they opened up the buffet and the food was actually
really good this year, as well as the dessert, so I enjoyed it.
People were wandering in before and during dinner so we were
constantly getting up to say hi, but it was still cool. Like Mongo
showed up and that was really great cuz I haven't seen him in like
forever! So we ate and afterwards we decided to get some drinks. I
went to the bar with Jeff and I wanted an LIT but the bartender said
he wasn't allowed to make those. But he said he'd make the other
drinks as strong as we wanted!....So I got a Cosmopolitan...and the
guy made them SO STRONG! Jeff got a 7&7 and that was almost
undrinkable. It took us forever to drink them, and we were like
feeling a buzz just from one drink! So we just talked to people and
took pictures and Jeff asked me to dance when they finally played a
slow song. So we danced for a little while and then when the techno
music started, Jeff said he wanted to stop so we went to sit down
again. We had a lot of fun though. We went up and danced randomly
and just spent some QT together. Oh at one point, some girl came in
wearing a SHORT white skirt and skimpy top and she was selling roses.
Jeff bought one for me which was really sweet. =-)

There wasn't that much drama at this semi, thank god, hehe. Oh but
this time Mike Dey carried the tradition and he ended up switching
clothes with Ragu's friend Erin. So Dey walked in in a silver dress
and Erin was wearing his suit. Of course we got pictures. But it was
crazy. Then towards the end of the night, we got everyone together
for the usual group pictures. I thought that was the end of the night
but then the DJ kept going. So me and Jeff were standing in the
corner talking and dancing and Ern started shouting out to us! So I
shook my head at him and the next thing I know, a bunch of brothers
are running towards me and Jeff. They grabbed him, but I got away.
And they took him out to the dance floor, so I started snapping
pictures. But then Pope started coming for me and I started to run,
but I didn't get very far. And he ended up pulling me in also and
Jeff and Pope sandwiched me! Hehe, it was a little embarassing but we
had fun. Me and Jeff danced a little more before sneaking away.

Everyone was going upstairs to the afterparty in Pope or Ragu's room.
So we went up there to check it out, but then just decided to go back
to our room and sleep! =-) Again I couldn't sleep very well cuz the
neighbors were partying until 4:30 AM!

We got up the next morning and took our time getting ready and headed
to our houses..Unfortunately I think both of us are getting sick so
that really sucks...I think Jeff's really sick today, and I'm just
really tired from studying, helping with wedding stuff and everything

But all in all...a great weekend! hehe...