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2002-05-06 12:36:55 (UTC)


Prom was a total bust for me! I was hoping to get closer
to the girl I felt like I loved, but it ended up sucking.
The dinner sucked, made almost everyone sick (including my
date the next day, but I'll talk about that later).
Dancing would've been ok, if my date would've actually
danced with me, not with her friend with her back to me.
Even during slow songs when we were dancing together, she
would just put her hands on my shoulders and look away from
me, like she didn't even want to dance with me. If I
followed her, she would tell me to go do something. If I
walked away, she was mad I wasn't there to dance with her.
I COULDN'T WIN WITH HER!!! Then on the boat, she just
walked away from me. I couldn't find her until it was time
to go. In the limo back home, everyone slept except for
Joel. He was singing and dancing while sitting and he was
just plain damn annoying to all of us! We got back to
Kristen's house and I walked with her down to my car so
that I could talk to her, but all she would say is, "don't
forget tomorrow, I'll call you, bye." It drove me nuts.
The next day, she didn't call me, so I called her around
3. She said the food from the night before made her sick,
but I don't know if she really wanted to go with me. If
she would rather be with her friends, she should've just
told me, I didn't care. Oh, well, life goes on. I'll rant
more when there is more ranting to be done.

Later gators!

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