Absinthe Inspired Ramblings...
2002-05-06 09:01:32 (UTC)

What if I Said

I haven't written in here all weekend, I have a habit of
that I noticed. I only write in here when I'm at school and
I'm supposed to be doing work. Hee hee. I guess my excuse
for that is that I'm too busy having fun to write. I
usually can't wait until 3rd period on Mondays cuz I have
so much to record in here. But I decided not to wait this
time because it's 12:30 in the morning and for some reason
I have a whole mess of energy (could it be that brownie
that i just ate? hmmm... "the world may never know" hee
hee). So yea, I just spent the last two hours putting
together my bed with Zack and my dad (he decided to come
over at 10:30). It was fun! I feel like I've accomplished
something (although all I did was put together the ladder
and put pegs in and tightened screws). When we finished (at
about 12) I made Zack a plate of leftovers from our last
minute BBQ that my neighborhood planned (even though we're
doing it next weekend when Miguel gets home from his
honeymoon) for this evening, and we sat and talked for a
little while. I'm going to make him and my dad dinner one
night this week or next week for being so awesome. My mom
was funny, she came into my room and was like "You know,
I've suspected it for a while, but now I'm sure - You're
crazy Zack!" He just laughed. Richee was being mean when he
got here. Richee's mean to everyone, but he likes Zack cuz
Zack's a Bosco boy like him. Not that it really matters
what Richee thinks, but he's never liked any of the other
guys I've dated. Next weekend will be cool though, if Zack
can come. It'll be a much bigger party. Although, for a
last minute shindig (they always are), it was pretty
awesome. We had tons of food and we played vollyball and
dodgeball and julian was flying this cute little kite that
doris and hope (richee's girlfriend and her sister) bought
at this festival that they hold in Whittier every year (I
wanted to stop at it when we went to IKEA, but we didn't
want to waste time). I drove out to Puente Hills today. I
think I did pretty good. I'm planning to get my licence in
the next two weeks (i have to get it before the 17th cuz
that's noah's birthday and i refuse to let him get his
before i get mine). Wow, I'm really skipping around here.
Since I told you what happened today, I'll go back to the
begining of the weekend. Friday was our "unofficial" one
month anniversary (hey, if i make a lot of spelling errors
in this entry, forgive me, the energy from the brownie is
starting to wear off). We went to Corona Del Mar and played
on the beach and watched the sun set while listening to the
CD that he made for me. There were all these couples (i
think we counted five on that tiny little beach) taking
pictures for their wedding programs (that's totally
something i'd love to do one day), but once the sun set, it
was pretty much just us. It was really nice. Then we went
to Ruby's (after i took forever to decide whether I was
hugrey or not) and we ate and talked. Afterwards we drove
back to my house and watched Center Stage. It was an
awesome evening! Saturday was a very busy day. I had
Musical theater from 10-3:30, but I didn't get there until
11 because I was being lazy. Then I had a babysitting job
with Angela. I had to "train" her for next week cuz
I "can't babysit" (we're having our BBQ, but I seriously
thought I had something else to do, otherwise I would have
told Nan that I could watch the kids). I'll probably stop
by and check on her to make sure everything's gravy. Wow,
the begining of this song is totally fitting! It's
called "What if I Said", and i downloaded it cuz it said it
was by tim mcgraw and faith hill (i was trying to prove to
Zack that they sing more then two songs together), but it
doesn't sond like either of them, so i went to find out who
it was really by anita cochrane and steve wariner. I've
never heard of either of them, but they're pretty good.
This song totally fits my feelings for zack at the begining
of all of this (like between jan and march). it is so going
to be the first song on the CD that i'm making for Zack
right now. I made him part of it, but I decided that it
wasn't good enough. there were like 5 more songs I was in
the middle of downloading for it, but i was impatient and I
wanted to give it to him, so I had my dad burn it as it
was. But now it's better. It has a lot more emotion
invested in it. Wow, I still can't get over the fact that
this is Zack that I'm compleatly head over heels in love
with! it's incredible! So anyways, that was way off the
subject. After I babysat (they were home by 8:30), Zack
picked me up (Nan wanted to meet him) and took Ang home
(poor baby, I hate that he has to drive everywhere, I
should have let Nan take her home, but I told Frank that
either my mom would or Zack would when he picked me up, I
didn't realize that he would be in a hurry), and then we
went out to Montebello to pick up Shelly (one of Zack's
friends) and her boyfriend only to find out that they were
going to drive their own car and just follow us to
brittney's house. When we got there, we sat around for a
little bit (i gave Zack a massage because his neck was all
messed up from the night before) and then decided to go get
the tickets for Spiderman two hour early. we sat in line
for a long time (but it was okay, cuz we had cards and a
palm pilot to play with), and then went in and watched the
movie. it was awesome. toby Maguire is my Natilie Portman.
I think he is one of the best and most down to earth actors
out there. And the score was by Danny Elfman!!! Awsome
awesome awsome!!! Hey, my keyboard is dying, what is this
madness? Oh well, time for a new one! So anyways, I didn't
get home until almost 4 and I got yelled at because my
silly father thought I said that the movie started at 11:20
when I called him to make sure it was okay if I went to a
movie that started at 12:20, but they got over it. When I
came home I had a floor in my bedroom! I'm so happy, it's
FINALLY coming along! Now that my sweetie helped me, I have
a bed too. Which I think I need to get into soon, it's a
quarter to 2. Over all, I've had an awesome weekend. Oh
yea, my mom and I finally talked a little bit, but i'll get
to that in another entry. lets see, what else do i have to
talk about more later? um... i need to finish answering the
loaded question, cuz i never did finish telling Zack either
and I keep forgetting that. I almost went nuts today cuz i
was trying to talk to like a million and a half people at
one time all while trying to play dodgeball and not be
antisocial with my neighbors. I hate coming online when no
one's on, but when everyone that I want to talk to is on
all at once, that's no good either. I eventually just had
to turn off my computer, and i felt bad cuz i didn't say
goodbye to anyone, but it was just to much for my little
brain to handel. sorry guys (almost all of the people i was
talking to read this journal occasionally), i love you, but
it was just to crazy! my dad's silly. He's the one who told
me to ask zack to come over to help with my bed, then he
was like "i didn't say yes" when my mom got mad (after she
said it was okay too) i think they had a bit too much to
drink, it was cinco de drinko after all. I need to talk
about toby later too. just some mental notes. oh yea, i
also got my schedule for the next to months type up and
printed out so i don't get confus-did. Okay, i'm going to
bed, but I'm gonna stick a CD in and burn this playlist for
Zachary. Goodnight all, i'm off to sleep in my new bed :).