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2000-12-25 09:31:33 (UTC)

hello everyone out there. my..

hello everyone out there. my life seems to be
deteriorating before my eyes. all my friends will all
eventually betray me. it always happens, everytime. i'll
start at the begining so that you know what i'm talking about.
there was this guy (of course, when isn't it about a guy)
and he was one of the sweetest guys. i had a little crush
on him and told one of my best friends and started my
mission to make him mine. i failed, horribly. but luckily
my very devoted 'friend' seemed to have something for him
and now they're together happily. what upsets me isn't the
fact that she stole the guy from right under me, the little
brat lied and lied to me for months, saying that they were
just friends. but guy told me way differently. i
confronted her she still denied everything, even though i
had caught her red handed. after time i decided to forgive
my untrustworthy friend. but of course she did it again.
i really don't think it's coinsidence anymore. could my
dear friend, sabotage everything personal in my life only
to show me in some heathenistic way that she's better than
me and yes, that 'the boys always like her better'? or
could i be overreacting. i really don't think so. but the
thought that there are people so selfish and horrible could
ever actually become close to me makes it a little harder
to sleep at night. hope you have better luck then i do.

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