by myself but not alone
2000-10-20 23:46:17 (UTC)

Hmmm name is Amanda,..

Hmmm name is Amanda, what else can i say about myself? My
mom died when I was 6, my dad is a hypocytical up-tight
jackass...I've tried to commit suicide several times (hasn't
everyone) my dad thinks I'm posessed...hmm....oh, most people I know
think I'm insane. I don't have any "true" friends, just
aquantinces...okay I can't spell I know haha. Well, I take it back, I
have a few good fiends but they are in cyber space. The reason I
don't have a lot of friends? I'm a lot different from most people,
from the way I act to the music I listen to. I act more like a guy
than a girl, so most girls and I don't get along becuase we don't
have any common intrests. For example,I would rather talk about WWF
wrestling, 80's metal bands, and football then Abercrombie & Fitch.
Most guys around where I live aren't much better than girls, they're
stuck up, self centered posers that think they're bad asses because
they listen to Limp Biskit *gag.* I'm pretty much obsessed with the
music that I listen to, especially Metallica, other bands would be
Slayer, Pantera, GnR, and Megadeth. A lot of people think that's
wierd, maybe it is. My dad thinks it's satanic (like everything else,
christians, go figure). My dad is something else....he's one of the
biggest hypocrites ever, for example, he'll say how swearing is bad
and how it's gong to send you to 'hell' and then he will go and
say 'that's a peice of shit' and say that since it's really just
slanf God doens't realy care about it...God...heh...who is God
anyway...Another thing! why do preachers (and teenies) go around
saying how sinfull/bad you are? I mean, come on! it's like this lyric:
"Before you judge me, take a look at you
can't you find something better to do
Point the finger, slow to understand,
arrogance and ignorance to hand in hand"
Oh, just for the record, I'm not some redneck living out in West
Virginia, I have gotten A's in school my entire life, and my parent's
don't work and McDonald's or something. I don't even know why I'm
here rerally lol, I've always liked writing and I suppose it's just a
good way to get shit off of my mind. I think that I can be thought of
several different ways, most people may think of me as a really cold,
mean vicious person...people who know me better know my sense of
humor (they say I can always make them laugh) but they also know I
can change moods really quickly and I am depressed a lot. Well, I
suppose that's enough for now, I'll probably be writing in here often.

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