Jena's Rants
2001-06-04 12:19:31 (UTC)

You are watching Comedy Central.................................

Oh boy, here we go-starting off a new week of neato groovey
funness at work. I have somehow fandangled the impossible
and I can stay here all week, no buh-bye's for me.
Hopinononefoot is in O.C. right now with Mr. Rampant
Philosphies, Boy who Works in Ghetto Store, and Mr. Fake and Flashy
because he has no self esteem. They should all be passed out
face first in the floor at the moment, with empty liquor bottles and
beat bowls of weed all around. Oh to be young
again.......... Not that I am not young, I just don't feel
it. I think I am reaching that devasting point in my life
where my witty sarcastic humour meets cynacism. Oh no!
Maybe I can become a stand-up comedian??? Or perhaps not.
Staying at the Twisted Sister's house for a bit, at least
until I can straighten out my mind. I have been a bit on
the whackey whackey side of the reality fence lately. I
should really look into becoming a postal worker. At least
then my manic episodes will be looked at as a normal part
of the work routine. Well, I am going to attempt to
actually be productive, so ciao!