2001-06-04 12:18:38 (UTC)

angry girl syndrome

My innocence is gone
And so are you
My lord.
How I wish I knew.
What exactly I have gained
From the shit I went through.

I think I have a bad case
Of the angry girl syndrome.
The angry girl syndrome.

Where have you gone.
Remember, not to care.
I couldn’t give one shit.
About you.
But god.
How I tremble and long.
For you.

“I wasn’t in love.
Merely wanted a fuck.
I led you on.
Guess you’re the one with bad luck.”

Yeah the angry girl syndrome…
Before I might have been
Something more beautiful and dumb.
Now I have a case no medicine can mend.
The angry girl syndrome.

How could I have been so naive?
Man, I bought every word.
You wanted me to believe.

And now im left.
To wonder why and how.
You managed to destroy
Something so amazing
And I guess you must be proud.

Yes. I am an angry girl.
Yes. Oh yes…