The Days in My Life...
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2002-05-06 04:16:04 (UTC)

Great...I'm forgettin entries already..lol

Ok..so I forget to write an entry last nite...fact is..I
was kinda to drunk to write an entry ;-).

so I had people in last nite..only 2 showed up..tho the
others had good reasons for not comin. Either way it was
still enjoyable...tho we never did make it to Buddy's...and
I vaguely rememberin the guys watchin porn..but oh well..
Maybe I'll actually end up at Buddy's next time..lol

So, today, Mom and Ern came home..(thank god I had enuf
sense to clean everything up) Anyways..they cooked up a
nice big turkey dinner.. quite nice. Steve came down and
joined us. After 7pm I went drivin around wit Candice C.
and Jamie (better known as Stump)
After that, Candice B. picked me up..and a bunch of us went
to Pizza Delight (All Hail) and hung out there for a couple

So the last 2 days were somewhat eventful. Tomorrow,
Margery is comin out..and we're taken ur up to see the
Baluga whale taht got lost from it's herd..and show her
around the Valley...and of course I'm treatin her to Bob's

Anyways this entry has become long and extremely boring..so
I'm stoppin...


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