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2002-05-06 00:48:19 (UTC)

The Best - I met some friends or enemies

Saturday maybe a iddle day. I usually make it a
saint rest day. Sunday was not much better.
In last week friday some enemies or unfair workers
called the yellow van. The machine that catches
dogs and take them away. They said they deserve
to die because they do not let people to sleep.
A lie because the workers are paid to be waked up
at night to sentry houses. Well the two petdogs
was far from yellow van.
Sunday night I was in another barbecue of some people
that had a birthday party. Some people of my home
town. I was there to learn how they used to be.
Some people tried to get some quick date and failed.
Failed once and twice because he was drunk. He tried
to fight some people. But hited wrong people. He
was beating away. No people wanted to fight him because
he has the famme of to be a strong people. I mean
he has muscles not to be corageous. My time he tried to
hit me. He usually is my friend but drunk is blind like
a one hole box. It was funny to me to see how many times
he lost the aim and hited some other people. Best fight
of him was when hit my head against a door layer. I did
not realize I was so strong. But I ever had known that
people of lonely streets of my home town were cowards.
They talked some lies or some thing to him. And they
were affraid that he decided to beat them too.
They are really my enemies and I saw that night. They
treat other people like me. They do not like to be
real friends. They usually use people to their funny.
And they do not like when they do not reply.
I think my friends could take care themselves. I was
nearly wrong. They could take care themselves if there
is not alcohol in drink and drugsters in the streets.
If world would be good people was not anywhere than
I saw Mel in outside street. She usually is there at
Sunday night.
I am the best even I am not strong as hercules in that
show. I usually do the best. Like each day was unique and
the last.
Tomorrow another better day for me and for my best friends.
Seven fights out three in vacuum space. I am good I could
defeat him in first counter attack if I wanted. But I was
making big. I was saving world and trying to learn how.
I should have danced with another friend. The older friend
Cassi. I said her I would dance with her latter. She understood
I said another hour. I really meant that I would dance with her.
She went drunk like another day. I did not see that day but I
realized it happened.
I tasted a smallest piece of a lemonade drink with alcohol and I
did not like. I eat some lemmon to heal it. Heros do not drink
to be strong and clear to save people and to help friends.
I am not much strong but I am corageous. And very smart and
quick. To do not be strong is very compensated by to be fast.
All things happened in a family house in my home town. New
days of new world people does not mind if family is the
sponsour of party. And family does not mind how wrong thing
were going. People needs to have heart not a little black point
instead. The hero will save the day more times and make truly