The Sexy Blonde
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2002-05-06 03:17:40 (UTC)


THank muther fuckin GoDD I love him. I finally got my wish
partly granted. I am going to transfer to Woodrow Wilson
high school for next year when I am a sophmore. I'm moving
into Jose's house and I will be driving my car from my
house to his house in the morning and walk the rest of the
wya to school.

Jose and I went to a go-cart place last night and I
lost his cell phone sometime between 10:30p.m. and
11:45p.m. He is extremely mad at me, just not showing it.
He raised his voice at me in the car telling me "what are
you going to lose next?" I know what he meant. So far, I've
lost his $2,000 dollar necklace, one of my golden earrings
that he bought me, his cellphone, and a few other things.
After he asked me what I was going to lose next he
said "Me?" and I started crying... I couldn't believe he
said that. Well, last night after I couldn't find the phone
he called the cellular place and turned off the phone and
then I called the Be Real Entertainment (go-cart place) and
left a message about the phone.

I also called this morning, I talked to some lady
which said if they found it they would give me a call. The
cellphone costed 250.00 I feel terrible. I also didn't mean
to but I broke the part of the mirror on the inside of the
car this last thursday. I feel like I am causing so many
damn problems.

My brother bought me this movie called Crazy
Beautiful, and I love it. Its about a hispanic boy and a
white girl falling in love through all these obsticles and
how they get through it all. Jose and I watched part of it
this weekend but we were already to tired to we just went
to bed. I've watched it twice since I've been home today.

Anyway I can't wait for my brother to leave I am
tired of all the damn messes he makes and then he doesn't
even clean up after him self in the bathroom or kitchen, he
is so nasty. yuuckkk..

Jose and I talked about getting married, I want to so
bad, but I don't want to get married until December 25,
thats the date he wants to get married. I always said that
whatever day I meet my hubby on would be the day I married
him, which would be February 18th, 2001. Which is our
anniversary. Damn it I love him so much...!!!!!!!

Have a beautiful day!!!!

Love, ME

I will try to write more often!!

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