AngeL w/o WinGs

-=-My So Called Life-=-
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2002-05-06 02:52:25 (UTC)


oh my dear Lord, i am falling in love. like i deny it to
myself during the day, but when i am about to fall asleep
he is all i think about and i crave him to be there and i
wanna be in his arms and look in his eyes and hear his
perfect voice. and when i wake in the morning, it is the
thought of him that brings a smile to my face. so here i
am.....falling in love with my ex boyfriend who i never had
strong feelings for before, until now of course. and he has
always been true and faithful to me, even though i broke up
with him about 10 months ago, his love never really faded.
and wow here i am FALLING FOR HIM. i dont know how it
happened, but its so new and this is this first time since
matt that i really feel butterflies. and now its like....i
see things that remind me of that relationship and how i
held onto it for so long, and i see him....and i'm sorry
but it doesnt do anything for me, but make me wonder what i
ever saw in him. ok well i know what i saw in him....but i
mean....wat i saw in him after he changed, because believe
me it was like a jekyl n hyde kinda deal, and he is totally
not the same boy i used to ....NEVERMIND.

anyways, i think this could work.......and in work i mean
last. oh my god, how do i tell him i am falling in love?

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