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2002-05-06 01:50:47 (UTC)

Goodbye again finds a new me. - from 2002.04.21

OK, so that is a bit over-poetic, but it’s true.
I just spent 3 days with Michelle in a small civil war tourist town
in KY. Beautiful place – 3
days of absolute Nirvana, reaching a level of soulmate
connection, sexual endurance and first-times, intimacy as I
have never known it could be and living naturally than I
have ever experienced. At the end, because of a comment I
made about her having been married and already had children
still being an issue to me, we decided to take break. It’s
best anyways: if perfectly content, why would I move
forward? How could I have the strength to do the the so
bitterly unpleasant and cut off what I love in the process?