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2001-06-03 23:14:03 (UTC)

small step

Well he is here,for how long god only knows.He is still
distant.He knows I love him and the kids do and we want him
to stay but I know it is up to him,he has to want to make
it work,give it a try.Time will tell.It was a beautiful
daychurch was good,bobby played drums and dave is back,they
sounded so good.I am going on and praying daily that my
husband gets past what ever is eating at him...Have to work
tomorrow and the kids get to spend the day at Elizebeths
they are looking forward to this,makes my day better I
don't have to worry about them.God has sent help in many
ways,he does work in strange ways.The kids are happy dad is
here lets pray he stays...Thats all for today,till tomorrow

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