more human than human
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2002-05-06 00:55:44 (UTC)

You Don't Know Me

Why is it no one sees
Through this bitter outer-shell?
When I wish to be transperant
No one reads me that well
Yet when I wish to keep a secret
My thoughts are seen upon my face
So people make assumptions that
nothing's there if there's no trace
People claim to know me
Upside down and inside out
They claim to know my problems,
My fears, my joys, my doubts.
I'm sorry, my dear drinking buddy,
you don't know all of this,
Do you really think you know
Where my angry heart is?
And to those I hurt,
I'm sorry and I fear
That once again I've hurt those
That I do hold dear
I hate to cause that pain,
I hate to run away,
But I'm too confused right now
To hurt and scared to stay.
I'm still shedding tears
from my last goodbye
Although I thought I'd be okay
still I sit and cry
I am ashamed to say this
That although he caused me harm
I sometimes wish I could go back
To those well known arms

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