No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-05-06 00:21:19 (UTC)

more details

This is a more detailed entry of my weekend. Friday Jessica
rode the bus home with me and I spent the night with her.
We scared the crap out of these 2 little boys. They told us
we are hott and we decided to make them think we were
lesbians. It was so funny. I guess you would have had to be
there. Saturday morning we painted her Grandmother's fence.
We got honked at by Candyce's mom, an old guy, 2 fat
construction workers and 2 motor-cyclists in less than 30
minutes. Then this one car honked and drove by 3 more was scary becasue his windows were black tinted.
After painting, Jessica came to spend the night at my
house. Saturday we went swimming and walked around in the
bull field. :) Sunday we went swimming again and just kinda
hung out. When we go swimming, I claim to be 18. You have
to be 18 to swim without someone 18 or older. Well, I just
went around 7 tonight and they asked me a lot of questions.
So being the dumb person I am I claimed I live with my dad
and that I should be on the membership. lol. That isn't
good. Now I can't go to the pool and they will charge me 5
dollars each time I go. CRAP! It really isn't good at all.
My mom will flip when I tell her. The moral of my weekend :
honesty is the best policy.
"ewww....fat man in a speedo! There is nothing sacred"-my
sister and I

"What happened to Lisa?"-me
"that isn't Lisa that's mom"-Trish

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