My Life
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2002-05-05 23:25:15 (UTC)

Sunday May 5, 2002

This is my first journal entry ever. I am kind of new at
this so bear with me. We will call me Allison, I am 17
years old. I will be graduating from a very well know high
school at the end of the month. It is somewhat scary that
I am graduating and going to college. I am more scared
about what is going to happen to my boyfriend and I once I
go to college. We have been dating for 3 years. He is a
sophmore at a college downtown. He comes home every
weekend to work and to be with me. I have become so
acustom to him being in my life that things would be weird
if he wasn't.
I had to work this morning at 7:30, it was so hard to wake
up this morning. I work at a local resturant as the take-
out girl, basicly I cut lemons for teas, roll silverware,
make gallon drinks, and take the ocasional take-out order.
It was a long day. I went looking for a car with my dad
this afternoon. I have come to realize that their are not
very many cars out their for ten thousand dollars. My
grandfather passed away a few weeks ago, so I get to trade
in his car towards what I want. I have 10 days left of
school and I can not wait for the summer. I will be
turning 18 in a few months, I am so excited. No more of my
parents rules. My parents are actually pretty cool, but my
dad has been kind of anal recently with his father passing
away and all. I can understand for the most part. I am
planning a few vacations with some friends this summer. I
can not wait, I'll tell you about them when they come up.
Anyways I got to go eat dinner! Talk to you later:) Allie

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