A Storm Brewing In The Sunshine
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2002-05-05 23:07:17 (UTC)

busted- a storm

Well, this is my first entry- sorry for those of you
reading this, it's not going to be exactly upbeat. My name
is Chantal, btw. I'm 14 years old. This weekend started
out ok. I talked my way out of a three week grounding,
which was pretty cool and I went on a bike ride with one
of my friends. We made plans to go out later and then for
a sleepover. I didnt end up going though, because my
friends never called me. They either forgot, or just didnt
want me to come. Oh well. At least I'm not grounded
anymore. I was kind of depressed about that, but that was
probably the best thing to happen to me all weekend.
Somehow, on Saturday morning, my brother found, and
printed EVERY msn convo I've ever had. Of course he showed
my mom, and now I'm busted for smoking weed. Ugh! I really
hate my brother. It was kind of cool though, cuz I'm not
even grounded. My mom just yelled a bit and cried because
she was so frusterated with me. See, I'm like the family
defect, the so called 'badass'. I'm not, though, It just
seems like it because my brother is so perfect. So yeah, I
was busted and my mom doesnt trust me anymore, and I'm
probably not going to be allowed to go out as much, but at
least I'm not grounded. This weekend has been so bad I
think im actually looking forward to going to school
tomorrow. At least I'll be away from this house. Blah!
It's so boring here. Today, at least, hasn't been so bad.
I hope tomorrow's ok. Hmmm...it just started raining
really hard. I love rain! Storms especially. They're
sooooo cool. Hmm, well there's not much left to write.
Sorry, I'll make my next entry more intersting. Bye for
P.S. Only two and a half more days until the new
Goldfinger C.D. comes out!!

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