Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-05-05 23:04:28 (UTC)

Make It Stop

Life des is stressing me out...so much confusion. des lil'
twitz keep harrassin' me 'bout goin' out wit sumone i don't
wanna go out wit. and da guy i like whuz all ova my best
friend da otha nite...she likes him and he likez her. datz
good for dem but sux for me. anywayz me, my best friend,
and dis guy got in a fight last nite...i whuz mad, but i
guess itz aiiight now. i seriously need to get ova dis guy
cuz a)he aint lookin' for a gurlfriend b)he likez a lot of
gurlz & c)my best friend likez him too. i dunno i wanna get
ova him but damn itz so hard. he'z so FZINNNE!!

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