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2002-05-05 22:49:55 (UTC)

here i sit. here i sit after a..

here i sit.
here i sit after a long stupid day at work.
corona in hand and no plans for tonight.
wow wonderful is life right now.

tonight is an ashley needs to get her shit together.
and everyone else shit as well really.

recently i havent been able to concentrate on anything.
even on what im thinking about.
its like ive been in this huge fog and i feel very numb
towards anything but negative feelings and i hate it

and i cant even write in here.
i have no one to fucking talk to and i cant write in here

fuck the truth sometimes man that so didnt help my
situation again i wish no one had this fucking url sometimes

fuck that

fuck her

but i know shes right
it just doesnt make me feel any fucking better you know

time for another fucking beer.

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