Queen Bee

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2002-05-05 22:41:22 (UTC)


Okay, on friday night, my b/f proposed!! im engaged!! oh
my god i am so happy right now. it totally took me by
surprise because he said he was gonna propose in 2 years
but all along he was planning pn doing it on my birthday,
which is in 20 days but he was to impatient, so he
proposed. which made me feel so much better, cuz im sick.i
am just so happy right now. i might explode. and the ring
is so beautiful. it has two hearts, is silver and 7
diamonds on it and it is beautiful. i love it. and he got
down on one knee and everything. oh my god, i am just like
AHHHH! okay, gotta go, i love you all!!! :) AHHHH!