2002-05-05 22:38:29 (UTC)

everybody loves me, everybody but you...

i havent written in here in awhile i think about a week. i
think i wrote last when we got back from vacation. 1 more
week and exams. craziness. this weekend was combination
really cool and kinda really shitty.. like friday was the
senior picnic and that was okay except it was fucking hot
and matt was around.. the closest ive even been to him
since he told me hes in love with the greasy sophomore.
but anyway then i worked and gus and christina called me so
i got out at 11 and met them all at jons, christina and gus
and naomi and i thought there was someone else but i dont
remember and we drank a little bit and then i went over to
christinas and then caroline spent the night.. saturday was
worse cus i went shopping early and got them presents and
then met everyone at the park like a million people we were
there for over 6 hours and then we went to naomis and then
gus and christina came with me and claudia to the tattoo
place and i found what i really want and then i talked to
my mom and pussied out and so we went to jons and matt and
georgina were there and i thought i was guna die like i
wasnt ready for that and it sucked but then we all went on
jons trampoline and it was fun. we took a bunch of cute
pictures. i feel bad cus she wanted me to come over today
at 5 and its almost 7 and i havent yet cus im doing my hair
and stuf... but well. i dont know. im kinda worried about
algebra, passing it. i hate matt. i hate that im upset
again. 8 more days. im guna finish that book for him and
give it to him at graduation. im guna go finish my hair