a dusty book in a forgotten hole
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2002-05-05 22:35:42 (UTC)

stupid stupid lawn mower

well spring is final here.. heh.. it waited long enough adn
then by the time it got here.. mom bought a new mower.. a
puch mower.. adn no not your commen push mower taht runs on
gasoline.. no... she gets the good old fashion kind..
yeah...you know.. powered by good ol' human anisuative..
ha.. the woman is out of her mind. .she sits in fornt of
her computer all day.. and does nothing .. she claims that
she will be useing it to keep up the lawn mowing.. heh. .we
have a bit over half an acer of property .. with a puch
mower.. and yeha she will keep up her litle "get fit by
mowing tha lawn with a mower that you ahve to go over every
spot with at east twice" plan.. yeah.. that will last a
week.. then i wil given the mower. .and told to go "hae
fun" and well waiste a bunch o time mowing the lawn. .even
though we ahve a rideing mower.. i am not allowed to use
it.. this is so very damn anoyying

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