a little piece of me
2002-05-05 22:06:50 (UTC)

last night, today

got a little drunk last night. i dropped by the liquor
store and picked up a pack of coconut mudslides and a half
pint of wilderberry schnapps. drank all of it last night.
i was so wacky. it was a lot of fun :D hadn't been drunk
in some time. i was celebrating my graduation, since i
know i won't be able to because my dad will be here. that
reminds me, jeremy is spending the night and coming to
graduation, too. i'm not thrilled about that. that means
mom, dad, matthew, laura, and jeremy will all be here
friday night. that sucks.

anyway, today has been primarily spent packing. i'm almost
done. all i have left are dishes and things. everything
is packed away. still a little sad. i'm really going to
miss this little house. had a good 2 years here. now i
get to spend a good lifetime with turtle :) he's
unbelievable. love him to death.

mom ordered me some boots today. very goth :) very nice.
can't wait to get them. wish they'd be here for
graduation, but i'm sure they won't make it.

well, i guess that's about it. x-files tonight. i'll be
sure to bitch if it sucks. one final tomorrow, so i'll be
up early to study for it.