Attie's Path
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2001-06-03 21:40:17 (UTC)

Summer approaching

The Gregorian calendar's new year falls around the coldest,
darkest time of year in upstate New York. After about three
months, the great thaw takes place and everything is alive
again. Having a birthday at the beginning of the Seventh
month means completing one's annual cycle at the peak of
nature's green empire. Most of the people I talk to say I
was programmed to my love of summer by artificial means,
mainly the lack of school. Now that a year has passed since
my graduation from high school, i can say that just isn't
so. When everything began to come back to life again, I
found myself coming back to life as well.
I thought it appropriate to start a diary for my approach
into adulthood. I could go into the past, and how it's
changed and altered me, but I'd rather let it exist as a
guidebook than a story. The pitfall of making a story out
of my past is that it's no longer interesting to me; I've
already lived it. Dragging myself through it all to write
it, and dragging myself through it all again to read it
seems pointless. When the past comes up in the diary, it
will come up just as it does in the present-- in small
doses. It can't be it's own volume, but an appendix to the
now. My focus will be on my presence in the present, and my
honesty to my readers, which will only leave room for
honesty to myself.

With all that said, I'm going to drop the precise wording
and standard written english and let myself go. Enjoy.

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