Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-05-05 21:45:45 (UTC)

Sum More Thoughtz

~i think dat life is just a game dat confusez everyone.
everyone is lost and are trying to get sumwhere or do
sumthin' to make der life betta dan it already is. some
people cheat to get ahead. othaz are weak and get left
bhind, but in da end everyone endz up in da same place.
buried in da ground feeling more lost dan ever before.
everyone is sad and remembaz da betta dayz and relaizes how
good der life could have been if dey had lived every day as
der last and not have let da lil' thignz upset dem so much.
der are no second chancez in dis game of life. soona or
lata everythin' will cum to and end and dis game dat u
thought u hated so much will be ova and u will miss it more
dan u eva thought possible~

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