Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2002-05-05 18:39:09 (UTC)

Summer's Here Again

Coincidently, my year of being 18 (and also my "year of sex
and alcohol") ended on the same day my freshman year of
college ended. What a crazy year... Even though it had
some really low points, it was the most amazing year... I
guess you could say it was the year that everyone talks
about when everything changes and you really start your

So, now that it's summer vacation, it's time to hit the
weight loss thing hard again. This morning when I got on
the scale for the first time in months, I was really
disappointed. I weigh exactly the same that I did at the
beginning of last summer - to the pound. But, after some
measuring, I found that despite gaining all the pounds
back, I've kept 2.5 inches off my bust, 1 off my waist, 1.5
off my hips, 2 off my thighs, and 1 off my arms.

I've already had a great workout this morning, and I'm
thinking I'm ready to stick to this like I did last
summer. I'm planning on making good use of our new
treadmill and I'm going to go to Curves tomorrow to buy a
package for the summer so I can work out there.

I'm really not sure what kind of social life I'm going to
have this summer. So far, it isn't looking so great. But
maybe I just need the time to myself. Besides, drinking
definitely won't help with my diet!