2001-06-03 20:09:01 (UTC)

*My 1st Time*

The first time I had sex, I had just turned 14. It was last
4th of July, as a matter-of-fact. I was dating this boy
named Kyle. He was tan, with dark hair, dark eyes, and nice
muscles. He was a year older than me, and we had been
dating for 2 months. We went to an unsupervised 4th of July
party at his best friend's house. (BTW, his name is Bobby)
After a lil bit of dancin, and a beer, we sat on the steps
outside, looking at the stars. Kyle looked me in the eye
and told me how much he loved me. We started making out,
and pretty soon it became quite intense. In bobby's
backyard there was a shed that his dad made over, and it
was a playhouse for his stepdaughter. It was even complete
with a locking door, shutters, and a BED! hehehe... well we
slowly worked our way across the yard, and got into the
playhouse, and i locked the door. I fell onto the bed, and
kyle laid on top of me. We continued making out. He asked
me if I would give him a blowjob. I had never given one,
but I took his throbbing cock into my mouth and sucked and
licked it up and down, listening to his satisfied grunts.
Soon, he pushed his cock far into my mouth, and spurt cum
down my throat. I was kind of bewildered, and it was hot
and salty. Then Kyle took my face in his hands and we
kissed passionatly again. We sat looking at one another,
when he began to take off my shirt. In seconds, my bra was
undone and he was feeling my bare breasts, stroking
them,licking them, pulling on my nipples. I became almost
instantly hard and was beginning to really enjoy this new
experience. I had heard girls at school talk about being
eaten out, but i didn't know what it was. I asked Kyle if
he would eat me out, and he grinned, his eyes glowing. The
next thing I knew, he had my shorts and panties off, and he
was practically panting, trying to spread my legs apart. I
laid flat on my back, and his tongue took my pussy. It
flicked in and out of my hole, and teased my clit until I
orgasmed, again, and again. I was so surprised when I heard
a moan escape from my mouth. OH GOD IT FELT SO GOOD! In
minutes, i was on top of Kyle, his dick pumping in and out
of my pussy. Then we switched places, and he was on top,
panting, thrusting in and out, faster and faster. Damn, it
felt so good. 3 hours later, we were done, exhausted. I
looked at Kyle, and he looked at me, and then we smiled at
each other. We got dressed, and headed back to the party,
and it was almost over. We left an hour later, never to
forget that night. I still remember it vividly. He was my
first f*ck. but not my best. I did have good times with
kyle. We f*cked like rabbits the next 2 weeks we dated.
Then he had to move to maine. O well. I f*cked his cousin
the next week... but that another story...