.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
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2002-05-05 16:16:07 (UTC)

by talking over the telephone

but for now, you are sweet perfect weapon caught as
traveled phase repeat but would be more honored in the form
of sleep.

last night pretty much sucked. annies autograph was
quality. but there was hardly anyone there. and it was so
cold out, though i pretended to not be cold, i was.

my mom is coming home from Virgina today, ben and i need to
go to the house and clean up like woah.

i miss delaware.

i wonder what happened with bryse last night. i may call
her today to see whats up. i hope she had a good time if
she went to the DNB show.

apparatus engine - ten of 8, giving hints
the closer i get - east coast is for lovers
dashboard confessioanl - this bitter pill
modest mouse - trailer trash
rainer maria - ceremony
junior - interstates between us
singal/static - the 4th song on the demo
breaking pangaea - wedding dress
ben kweller - lizzy
the smithes - asleep

i cant think of anyone else for it, but i was just
brainstorming this morning in bed and thought id jot it

what kills me:
the idea of the pink and black color scheme if zac was to
die his hair dark.
ernie being the funniest boy in the world.
aj sullivan's stories.
mrs. collins telling aj to "shake her easy" hahah
apparatus engine songs biographically desribing the past
months of my life.
aj beer-bonging koolaid by the quarts!
ray and lolly.

anyway, so this weekend was one of the weirdest of my life,
i almost look forward to the school week, nice distraction.

later all.