little mind farts...
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2002-05-05 16:15:37 (UTC)

Here we go again..round and round

Hello my readers!
I just recieved 18 messages from people who read my
journal. That makes me so happy! People read my insanity
and can relate to it. I love this feeling! Thank you so
much. :0)
I have so much to say...those feelings again. Lots of
little things flying around in my head and some are bitter
and some are sweet and some are just there. :0)
Reguardless, this is the beauty of being a teen all these
conflicting thoughts and feelings. I have so many theories
on this subject. :0) I will write back later. :0)

much luv to you all!!!!
Michelle :0)

p.s. thanx for responding and communicating your feelings
to me. keep them coming, i would love to talk to you all on
an indiviual basis. :0)

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