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2002-05-05 16:06:50 (UTC)


There was a party last nite that I had wanted to go to. Due
to the fact that I had to work on my project and would only
be able to go after twelve, I didn't go. I was stilling
thinking about trying to go once I got some of my work
done, which was about 12:30. Yesterday, Shameika came to my
house and I asked her if she was going and she said she
would go with me if I wanted to go. I told her that my gut
didn't feel right about the party and that I felt something
was going to happen. WHAT A MIGHTY GOD I HAVE! I am so
thankful that I had that feeling. I don't know how serious
things were, but anyone could have gotten hurt. Two people
did get hurt from what I heard. One of the boys is someone
Jacan use to talk to. I just saw him the other nite. I pray
for the families and friends of those people. I pray that
not too many people were hurt physically....and I pray that
those who were hurt emotionally, that they keep praying and
keep GOD in their heart. Remember, tomorrow is not promised
to anyone--In Jesus's name I pray, Amen *J*

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