2002-05-05 14:40:25 (UTC)

An E-mail I filled out for my friends..so u can read too!

ANThis is really stupid I know..but I'm boerd as a board
Name: Abigail Mudd
nicknames: Abby-Dobey, Abbster, Abbicrombie
born: february 5
born in: outside of Worcester MA ( it totaly sucks, more
then u would believe
good student?: Depend
hair: light brown with blonde and red highlites
eyes: green
shoe size: 7 1/2

Last time you...

had a nightmare: Last night
hangover: Never Eva
dyed your hair: 5 weeks ago
brushed your hair: 4 hours ago
washed your hair: 9 hours ago
checked your e-mail: 3 mintiues ago
cried: last tuesday
called someone: 4 mitiues ago
laughed: 3 mintiues ago
Talked to an ex?: 3 weeks
Smoke?: What do u think
Do drugs?: What do u think
Have sex?: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO and NO
Sleep with stuffed animals?: used too
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: I wish!
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: Yes All the ime
Play an instrument?: Learing the guittar soon
Believe there is life on other planets?: Yeah Sorta
Remember your first crush?: Yes
Still love him/her?: NO
Read the newspaper?: Sports and Entenment
Consider love a mistake?: Dunno
Believe in God?: What are u stupid of course I do...
Have any regrets?:yes
Wear hats?: my red sox and mets cap
Have any piercings?: nope
Have any tattoos?: nope NEVER HAVE NEVER WILL
Have an obsession?: yes
Have a secret crush?: yes but he knows now
Collect anything?: nope
Have a best friend?: I have like 5 or 6 Best Friends
Like your handwriting?: NO
Have any bad habits?: yah

Care about looks?: my looks? a little
Boy/girlfriend's looks?: NOT AT ALL
Friends and other people?: It's not the flask but what it
Believe in ghosts?: NOPE


[ Mood ] Happy.. but sick
[ Make-up ] No way not on a sunday at 10;04 am
[ Music ] Kiss 108- What's Luv?- Fat Joe, JaRule,and
[ Taste ] ..... Mint
[ Hair ] not up or in at
[ Annoyance ] sister
[ Smell ] .... Stawberry
[ Book ] Princess Diarie Parrt 2
[ Fingernail Color ] Blue and Red for the Red Sox
[ Refreshment ] nuthin
[ Worry ] that someone from school read my diary
[ Crush ] Elliot Sion
[Favorite celebrity] l
Last Person:
[ You Talked to ] Rachel
[ You Instant messaged ] Eliana
[ You Yelled At ] sister
[ Who Broke Your Heart ] Guess?

[ Food ] Salad
[ Color ] Purple
[ CD ] My New Burrn CD
[ Shoes ] ... adias w/ blue strips
[ Candy ] choclate bar
[ TV Show ] SNL and Survivor
[ Movie ] Lots but Legally Blond, Rush Hour 2, Charilies
Angels, Billy Elliot, and More
[ Song ] The Space Between
[ Vegetable ] Lettuce
[ Fruit ] blueberries
Who do you want to:
[ Kill ] Everone know's who this is
[ Slap ] The same person I want to kill
[ Talk To ] Elliot
[ Kiss ] Ditto
Like me: Ditto that Again

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