Delina Yusof

The Malay Dilemma
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2002-05-05 14:36:44 (UTC)


This entry is made almost 6 months after the last one. So
many things have happened. One of the things worthy (or
actually unworthy) of mention is that Nouffer has left me.
Funny thing is that he still wants to be friends with me.
Now that is just the thing about me. I am friends with ALL
my ex-boyfriends. Yeah, i hate them for all the tears they
have caused me, but what can you say when they tell you
that you are a great friend to them? I figured- im just
every guy's best friend. Then they get attracted to me,
then they realize- heck- she aint so great as a lover than
she is a friend, so they screw up. Then the relationship
screws up. And that's it.

And the other great thing that has happened is that, I AM
ATTACHED again. THis funny thing called love- one minute
you knock yourself in the head for falling into it, and the
next you are basking in the glory of it all. Sigh. Love is
a vicious cycle.

17th of April. That's the date. And I know knew him for
only about 2 weeks. He's the most charming man i know, so
classy, such good taste in music, clothes,
things...impeccable taste. I feel kinda inferior next to
him actually...i am one helluva lucky bitch.

He has said that he loves me, and that is amazing! Number
one, it has only been two weeks, number two, I ACTUALLY
LOVE HIM TOO! On one hand i actually wonder if it is true,
but on the other hand, since I LOVE HIM TOO, it's gotta be

But today, well actually last night, something weird
happened. After our daily meeting on the net via webcam, he
logged out cos he was tired. Okay. I stayed on cos i was
downloading stuff. Then he came online again. So i thought,
okayyy, isnt he supposed to be sleeping? So i messaged him
and said if he came online to chat with his other
girlfriends...and he got angry. I seriously was kidding
when i said that. But i guess he was pissed and that is
that. Till now.

I don't understand men.

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