the story of my life...
2001-06-03 18:21:51 (UTC)


I went to the party last nite. I still didn't feel all that
great though. When I got there at 8, there were like 50
people there already... even kelly!!! lol. but thats where
the good stuff ends.
At about 9 I went to go get a coke. they had some of those
2 liter bottles sitting on the counter, so i poured myself
a cup and went back to talk to my friends. well some1
obviously spiked the coke with something b/c i got SICK! 10
min after drinkin half the coke, i was throwing up in
whit's bathroom. =( not fun. i felt horrible! about 15 min.
later, i was asleep... whit stayed w/ me in her room, and i
woke up an hour later. it was 10:30. i was ok then, still a
lil bit queasy though. i got shannon to drive me home, and
i slept from then til about noon 2day. i feel fine now, i
just wished that didn't happen. makes me kinda uneasy.
nothin else really happened... maybe somethin good will
happen 2day...wishful thinking!!!.... 'til later...tata!