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2001-06-03 18:14:37 (UTC)

:: let me be a child again ::

let me be a child again
so i could be more pure
and wouldn't be thinking
about unholy matters

let me be a child again
so i could speak more freely
without any limitation
and people would not judge me
because of what i am saying

let me be a child again
i wanted to express myself
without being worried
that people would misunderstand me

let me be a child again
so i could sleep every night
always with a smile of my face

let me be child again
and i would forgive and forget
as easy as the wind blows

but there's a joyful in my heart
when i remember that GOD loves me
and i am always HIS little daughter
to whom HE loves just too much
whether i am bad or good

let me always think
that i need not to worry
about anything
because as HIS precious child
i am more beautiful
than the dearest jewel
and that makes me smile
when i remember
how much HE loves me

.:: c.o.n.n.i.e ::.
0110 am gmt 7

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